green initiatives

flowers and butterflysThe staff of David A. Smith Printing take the commitment to environmental impact quite seriously.  Our processes are continuously monitored to ensure that industry best practices are always followed.  Vendors are asked to partner with us in bringing the best environmental options to our manufacturing processes.  This stewardship shared by our employees is the nexis of our compliance, oversight and waste management.

Our employees share a common love of the outdoors.  Many of the staff enjoy such pursuits as hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, bird watching and biking.  All of us realize that the culmination of the little steps we make and changes we enact positively impact the waterfallnatural world around us.  That motivation, the practical quest of making our wild spaces better, drives us more than any regulatory threat or even economic incentive.  We see our role of protectors of the enviroment as vital and as noble as we see the core tasks and responsibilities of our day to day jobs.

The practical steps taken at David A. Smith Printing include the removal of film and film chemistry from the production process, the use of vegetable oil based printing inks, the management of waste and scrap to maximize recycling. 

Customers are shown paper options and helped to make decisions with environmental considerations at the forefront.  100% post consumer waste stock, coupled with elemental chlorine free pulp are just some of the ways we can guide the autumnclient to make more earth-friendly choices.  Partnering with paper mills that are powered by wind energy, provide us with the practical way of helping the enviroment in real world, immediate impact means.  As technologies continue to improve, we will continue to search for more ways to improve the production process and provide better options to bring to the client.

Photos of Pennsylvania scenery provided courtesy of Steve Shaffer.