our people

Maria Martinez

Pre-Press Technician

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Ed Bandurak


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Linda Reed

Customer Service Representative

Whether it’s saving planet earth with Captain Planet or guiding your project through the shop, Linda (or Gaia) is the customer’s and all God’s creatures choice to go too. She has been known to delicately transition bugs from the inside and introduce them to the outside world without any harm. That’s why she is here for you, from the novice print buyer all the way to the expert, she will make your purchasing process flow the easiest way so that we can all live in harmony.

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Matthew D. Smith


Second generation and still learning from the master.  Matt does a little bit of admin, a good bit of sales, strategic planning with the big man and front end coordination.  There are no shortages of hats for Matt to wear, which is a good thing considering his ever growing bald spot.

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David A. Smith

Founder & CEO

He puts the DAS in DASP. The company he envisioned bears his name, and he takes great care in all aspects of the business. Founder, leader, visionary, and “the final say”!  When you need answers to your questions or experience-driven guidance, then look no further than the boss!

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Steve Storm

Production Manager

Greasing the wheels, and even putting out the occasional fire.  As the guy who lays out the schedule and keeps the shop producing, Steve balances man and machine, customer and vendor, all the while ensuring that your product looks good!

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Kelsey Young

Customer Service Representative

Kelsey grew up in the printing industry, her father owned a small family print shop in Lancaster County, where she was born and raised. In 2012 Kelsey graduated from PA College of Technology. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in graphic communications management and a minor in business administration. In 2013 Kelsey moved to Harrisburg and has been with David Smith Printing, Inc. for 2 years. Outside of work Kelsey enjoys spending time with family and friends, designing on the side and playing with her energetic chocolate lab.

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Ryan Ziegler

Digital Production Manager

A dash of printing, a dallop of pre-press, mix with variable data and finish with mailing knowledge… That is how Ryan crafts the digital production.  Different from offset and requiring full working knowledge of the entire production cycle, digital jobs require focus and concentration… oh and by the way, Ryan gets about 10 minutes to turn projects around (that might be a slight exageration).

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