case studies

Imperial Beverage Revamp

Imperial Beverage came to David A. Smith Printing looking for a way to draw more attention to their brand at trade shows and in their marketing efforts. As seen in the before/after photo, we updated the design with brighter, more vibrant colors, cleaned up the appearance and clarified the message. How can David A. Smith Printing give your brand more impact and reach?

“Teaming Up”

The Big 33 Scholarship Foundation sponsored an autograph signing at the Harrisburg Mall in November 2011 with Pittsburgh Steelers legends Jerome “The Bus” Bettis and Rocky Bleier, as well as current Steeler Antonio Brown! The Big 33 and DASP “teamed” up to create a Big 33-Steelers comemorative miniature bus to give away; a perfect addition to a little or big football fan’s collection! The “Bus” even signed the bus! The turn around time was as quick as a fourth-quarter touchdown and it was a real game winner! It just goes to show when you team up with DASP we take you to the touchdown! To find out more about Big 33 and their upcoming events check out their website !

Knocking It Out of the Park!

The Harrisburg Senators had a stand up 2011 season which landed them into the playoffs and David A. Smith Printing was there at every pitch for the games.  Our Harrisburg Senators trusted DASP to produce all 23 editions of their official magazine sold at their home games.  Each edition featured a stunning image of a player that graced the covers.  David A. Smith Printing knocked this one out of the park!  To see the Senators in action for upcoming games, please visit

Complex and Quick

The School Nutrition Association once again relied on David A. Smith Printing to produce their annual conference program in a real short turn around time.  Their need was for 5500 programs with 104 pages and 11 dividers, a fold out cover and perforated components, laminated front cover and delivered out of state all in about 7 business days.  A tall order? Yes, but once again handled with ease by Smith Printing.  Did I mention the 4 other collateral pieces that had to be produced at the same time?  Piece of cake! (Healthy, educational, school cake)

DASP meets NFL…

Matt Smith, Alex Smith and Washington Redskins DT Ma’ake Kemoeatu proudly displaying plastic player credentials produced by David A. Smith Printing, Inc.  These full color personalized identification tags were produced for the Ed Block Courage Foundation and worn by the 32 selected NFL players who were being honored as the 2010 Ed Block Courage Award recipients.

Not Just Another Pretty Face!

3D is all the rage now a days at the movies and on TV.  We wanted to show that 3D has a role in our business as well.  After we digitally produced the 2 sided card, we affixed a mustache that the end recipient was able to remove from the card and apply to their face.  2000 units of this card were turned around in 48 hours.  With the launch of a new video game that features a mustached hero, these promotional pieces put you in the action.

Reaching an All-Star Level

The Eastern League All-Star game for 2010 was hosted in Harrisburg by the Harrisburg Senators.  This special event only happens at select stadiums and is a rare event.  The Senators management selected David A. Smith Printing to produce a photo hand-out for all attendees as they exited the stadium after the game.  The photo we had to reproduced was taken at the start of the game!  After the pre-game photo was taken, we offset printed in full color 5000 handouts and had them returned to the stadium in 1 hour and 53 minutes.  For more information on the Harrisburg Senators visit

Brand “Building”

Nothing establishes brand awareness better than getting your logo into the hands of your stakeholders in a fun and playful manner.  That is exactly what we helped AOL do when they unveiled their line of new logos.  Each of the 52 cards in the set showed a unique variation of the new AOL logo.  The cards are die cut in a way that allows them to be interconnected and used to build structures.  AOL encouraged recipients of the cards to use their imagination and build a masterpiece, photograph it and submit it to their brand building website.  Fun, creativity, imagination and brand “building”, what better message is there to send to your clients!

A long fly ball…

Anticipating the first Metro Bank Park pitch of Harrisburg Senator’s phenom right hander, Stephen Strasburg, the Senator’s contracted with David A. Smith Printing, to produce a commemorative photo handout that would be made available to fans as they exited the stadium.  MiLB.Com staff photographer Will Bentzel was positioned along the third base line to capture that moment of Senator’s history.  Once the picture was taken, it was rushed back to our printing facility where a team of 5 staff members waited.  The photo prep work was done, 5000 commemorative prints were full color offset printed, trimmed, boxed and delivered back to Metro Bank Park in 2 hours and 13 minutes for post game distribution.  Most printers talk about print jobs in terms of production days, David A. Smith Printing talks about print jobs in terms of hours.  For more information on the Harrisburg Senators visit

Big Message, Big Signs…

A national pharmaceutical company was rolling out a new product.  The new product was going to be big to their business and big to the patients it was designed to help.  For the kick off the message had to be equally big.  We produced (4) 3′ x 7′ retractable banner stands, (3) 4′ x 5′ wall signs, laminated place mats for all the attendees, as well as binders and collateral material.  Turn time on this project was quite short, but that did not get in the way of us delivering great product, exceptional service and  exceeding the clients expectations.  As much as we appreciated the patronage from our client, we were even more pleased to earn their trust.

Print, Convert and Fulfillment

Many clients ask us what we mean by offering fulfillment service.  This one is a good example.  ATT needed campaign packets for the employees of their call centers.  Making the kits required us to print sheets that were converted into corrugated tuck boxes, then insert 6 pieces of collateral (3 of which we printed) into the box and send in batches all over the country.  This complex project required a lot of oversight and ardent attention to detail.  Fulfilment, of course, means packing out kits or packets to meet the clients specs, but we also like to think of fulfillment as identifying the clients needs and fulfilling them.

More than ink on paper

Sometimes a project means more than just ink on paper.  The image on the inside had to be an exact reproduction of a statue owned by our client.  The outside was designed as a gate-fold invitation that had a very detailed halftone that needed to line up across the panels.  The invitation functioned not only as an invite to the event but also as a keepsake, a prayer card, and a devotional image.  Those who received these printed pieces saw it not as a mere printed piece but instead as religious art.  A truly higher calling.

Held to a higher standard

It is not uncommon at all for the client to request a press check so that they can check color when the job is being run on press.  What made this press check unique was the standard to which we had to match.  A national non-profit had commissioned an artist to paint an oil painting for them and we were to make reproductions of the print.  So press day came and the artist showed up for the press check.  Not only did he bring along the original oil painting to match but also a bag of leaves, feathers and pine needles!  This project defined “Critical Color”!

IRL and Versus

Versus Network had just signed on to be the broadcast partner of the Indy Racing League.  The big announcement was planned at the annual IRL dinner at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC.  Versus contracted one of their marketing firms, InRecordTime, to create a fun, unique and innovative way of communicating this announcement.  We worked with IRT to create custom packaging using digital print, die cutting, and fulfillment.  The culmination of the process was a IRL styled collectors car, packed in a custom display box, co-branding IRL and Versus Network.  The back of the box included the entire broadcast schedule for the 2009 racing season.  A unique and fun collectors item!

Yahoo US Open Tennis Ball Tubes

Yahoo was in a hurry… They had a marketing opportunity at the US Open Tennis Tournament in Flushing, NY.  Working with our client, a premier NY city marketing firm, we helped them make an impact.  We received tubes of Wilson tennis balls, stripped them of their labeling and relabeled the containers with Yahoo branded wraps digitally produced by us.  The tubes were repackaged and delivered to the tennis site in NY.  Turnaround time 24 hours.  Speed, creativity, and the ability to place print outside of the normal setting.  Just plain cool!